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Induli specializes in large specimen trees and shrubs as requested by landscapers,
retail nurseries and their clientele. We stock 3 tree sizes which are 70 lt, 125 lt and 250 lt bags.


70 litres

From the indigenous Aloe Arborescens, to the West Indian Lime tree.


125 litres

Including fruit trees, the humble Ficus all the way to the indigenous Acacia.


250 litres

From the rare Cycad Encephalartos to the beautiful Jacaranda.


About Induli

We specialize in growing large specimen trees and shrubs as desired by landscapers, retail nurseries and their clientele.


Induli was started by brothers Raymond and Ashley Falck in 1996 and has become a well established and successful nursery servicing Cape Town and surrounds. With nurseries in Redhill (Scarborough) and Grabouw, each with substantially different growing conditions, we are able to provide our customers with a wider range of plants.

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We have over 15 different Bougainvillea colours to choose from as well as other creepers to suit your needs.

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Olive Branch
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Fruit Trees

View our availability list to choose from our large variety of fruit trees including lemon, lime, grapefruit, pear, orange, naartjie and olives!

Keep up to date on what's looking best in the nurseries as well as some behind the scenes!